Applied Materials 0010-21264 Rev A Assembly Shutter Linkage Smc Ncrb80-180 Amat

Applied Materials 0010-21264 Rev A Assembly Shutter Linkage Smc Ncrb80-180 Amat

  • Price: 3,900.00 USD
  • Avaibility: 1 available
  • Condition: New
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  • Product weight: 8 pounds and 5 ounces
  • Brand/Model: Applied Materials 001021264
  • Sold by: todd1455 · This seller has received 8,931 ratings (99.80% Positive)
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Asco 82001 Solenoid Valve 120vdc 9.7w 8200 1 Red Hat New Nos Nnb (123109583484)
Parker Schrader Bellows P4615420 Solenoid Valve Coil 24/60-22/50-7.2 WAT New (121245375498)
Asco 208048 Solenoid Valve Rebuild Kit 208 048 Red-Hat Nnb New (112198550669)
Mace A-079210 Flow Control Teflon Manifold Osmonics 3-Port COM NO NC New (122443890024)
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Mace A-079204 Flow Control Teflon Manifold Osmonics 3-Port COM NO NC New (122443870285)
Burkert 6213 A 40,0 NBA M5 Solenoid Valve G1 1/2 PN 0-10bar 142794 6213 A 40.0 (112353376570)
Parker KIT-F12-450-V Straight Filter Valve Stainless Steel KIT F12 450 V Nib New (122537372399)
Parker SH4-63-T10 Hydraulic Coupler 1/2" Body Size 7/8"-14 303 Stainless Steel (122119811493)
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Asco 216-758-041-D Solenoid Valve Rebuild Kit 216758-041-D Red-Hat Nnb New (122217857047)
Asco 8300D64U Solenoid Valve 120vdc 36.2w 3/8 Pipe 8300D64 U New Nib Nos (123109580021)
Parker SH4-62-T10 Hydraulic Coupler 1/2" Body Size 7/8"-14 303 Stainless Steel (112124551056)
Noshok 3610-FFC Valve Mini Manifold Hard Seat Steel 10,000 psi 3-Valve 1/4 NPT (122738352266)
SMC ASV310F-02-06S Lot of (10) Speed Exhaust Flow Controller ASV310F0206S New (112745149682)
Mac PED-111BAAD Solenoid Valve 110/120v 6.8W PED111BAAD Nib New (122738001254)
Furon PV1-24 Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve Saint Gobain orifice 1/8" Port 1/4" New (122443900442)
Asco 8321G3 Solenoid Valve 1/4" Pipe 302927 8321G 3 Red Hat 120v 60Hz Nib New (112019758549)
Boge 644009606P Solenoid Valve 644 0096 06 24v 50/60Hz 8499556.9253 1-16 bar New (122616734986)
Asco 302383 Solenoid Valve Rebuild Repair Kit 302 383 Red Hat Nos Nib New (112019797025)
Swagelok 6LVV-MSM-DA-2-P-C Modular Platform Diaphragm Pneumatic Actuator Valve (120936826631)
Festo JMFH-5-1/8-B-EX Solenoid Valve 535930 2-10 bar 28-145 psi JMFH518BEX New (112678339971)
Rexroth DBDS 2 K2X/420 Pressure Relief Valve R900203854 DBDS2 K2X/420 Nib New (123202487674)
Manutec C91-SA-03 Coolant Union Rotary Coupler Bearingless 5593997 New In Box (121209089285)
Sun Hydraulics FCDB-KAN-0.4 Flow Control Check Cartridge Valve GPM FCDBKAN04 Nnb (112473355516)
Versa ASG-4242-3-14-A120 Pneumatic Solenoid Control Valve 38vdc 8.7w New Nnb (112461457979)
Seitz 114 543 00 Pneumatic Valve Type 455 2-16 Bar Eugene AG 11454300 used (112366540614)
Parker 00-892133 Valve Repair Kit 3/4" 2-Way Center Pilot Diaphragm Operated New (112290735085)
Asco 182882 Solenoid Valve Rebuild Kit 182 882 Red-Hat 8344 AC Nib Nos New (112198548059)
Rexroth R901099811 Pressure Sensor Switch Key Solenoid HED 8 OH-20/200K14KS Nnb (112353384036)
Versa Products VGG-3421-U-14-31-120V60 3 Way 2 Position Air Valve 20-175PSI 12W (111298023442)
Parker 12A-F12L-450-SS Straight Filter Valve 12AF12L450SS 12Z(A)-F12L-450-SS New (112434715824)
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