1974 Hawaii Oil Painting "three Children Playing" By John Chin Young (tan)

1974 Hawaii Oil Painting "three Children Playing" By John Chin Young (tan)

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US Midwest Oil on Canvas Painting "Red River Forest" by Carl Oltvedt (001) (122310865665)
1980s Hawaii Large Pastel Painting "Beach Tree, Oahu" by Russell Lowrey (Dck) (292371402850)
1970s Haitian Acrylic Painting "Baby in the Reeds" by LaFortune Felix (Stea) (262806918529)
70s Mexican Oil Portrait Painting "Un Militar" by Bert Pumphrey (1916-2000)(Nic) (292731830770)
1915 WC Painting "Tropical Landsc" by George Overbury (Pop) Hart (1868-33) (New) (263617641280)
1990s Hawaii Abstract Painting "Color Comp on Black Ground" Timothy Ojile (Cam) (291999806790)
1957 Hawaii Matted Ink & WC Painting "Princess Kaiulani" by Madge Tennent (San) (122310868169)
1981 Haitian Acrylic Painting "New Path Che /Min Neuf" by LaFortune Felix (Stea) (122536478947)
1910s Oil Painting "Cart by River" by George Overbury (Pop) Hart (1868-33) (New) (292529323002)
1920s California Pastel Painting "Surging Surf" by Dick Gremke (1860-39) (***) (262806919641)
UK/ Hawaii Koa Oil Painting "Reclining Nude" by Alaina deHavilland (Xan) (263550231718)
1917 NY/CA Landscape Oil Painting by Kenneth Hayes Miller (1876-1952) (New) (263617641272)
1980s Mixed Media Painting "Gustav Klimt Reimagined" by Michael Stringer (StB) (292111901426)
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'80s New Mexico Oil Painting "Native Woman w Baby" by Elias Rivera (b.1937)(Doa) (292704419997)
1900s California Oil Painting "Sail Boat" by Henry Howard Bagg (1852-1928) (New) (263617641283)
19CT European Oval Oil Paintings "Ruin Scenes w. Figures" by unknown artist (Mon (291999806703)
1961 Hawaii Oil Painting "Open Sea Sunset" by Charles S Marek (1891-1979)(Rub) (263461409912)
1900 Orientalist Painting "Algerian Cemetery" by Eugenie M Heller (1867-52) (Gor (262806919640)
1960s New York Oil Painting "NY Boat Harbor" by Reuben Tam (1916-1991) (002) (292645959418)
1971 Hawaii Oil Painting on Canvas "Poi Dog" by Hiroshi Tagami (1929-2014)(HiS) (263682098869)
2003 Balinese Oil Painting 47"x 35" "Pasar Bunga" by Pranagung (b.1954)(TJ) (292119790875)
1967 Hawaii Huge Oil Painting "Koolaupoko, Windward Oahu" by Hajime Okuda (And) (292371402847)
1985 Hawaii Oil Painting "Lahaina Shoreline, Maui" by Hajime Okuda (Med) (263388572041)
1990s Hawaii Oil Painting 30"x 48" "Napali Coast, Kauai" by Michael Powell (MoJ) (292111845633)
1917 US New York Oil Painting "L’essor" by Louis George Bouche (1896-1969) (New) (123087135306)
1956 Indian Oil Painting "Standing in Line" by Abdul Appabhai Almelkar (Noz) (292003217893)
1850s Irish WC Painting "Fisherman at Arklow Co Wicklow" by John Faulkner (Chab) (262806919667)
1982 Hawaii Koa Framed Oil Painting South Point Grasslands by H.D. Wishard (Mat (122310867523)
US Acrylic Painting "Halloween Nightmare before Christmas" by Eric Robison (Wa) (122705949089)
1956 Indian Oil Painting "Yellow Girl" by Abdul Appabhai Almelkar (1920-82) (Noz (262812699946)
1880s German/US/NY Oil Painting "Autumn Tints" by Max Weyl (1837-1914) (Leh) (262865965808)
2011 US Acrylic Painting Gay Art "Ginger Love" by Tony De Carlo (1956-2014)(Nic) (123113907720)
1956 Indian Oil Painting "Under Water" by Abdul Appabhai Almelkar (1920-82) (Noz (262812699947)
1956 Indian Oil Painting "Lunch Preparations" by Abdul Appabhai Almelkar (Noz) (292003217895)
'77 Hawaii Yellow Abstract Acrylic Painting Backstage by Harry Tsuchidana (Pas) (123258865287)
90s Hawaii Oil Painting "1824 Queen Kamamalu, London" by Al Furtado (Lej) (292731987310)
1981 Hawaii Oil Painting "Male Hula Dancer" by Al Furtado (Nic) (123375835508)
1990s Hawaii Oil Painting "Six Keiki Hula Dancer" by Al Furtado (1930-2012)(Nic) (263943310208)
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