Jg661a Hpe X140 40g Qsfp+ Lc Lr4 Sm 10km 1310nm Transceiver Renew Sealed*****

Jg661a Hpe X140 40g Qsfp+ Lc Lr4 Sm 10km 1310nm Transceiver Renew Sealed*****

  • Price: 3,000.00 USD
  • Avaibility: 23 available
  • Condition: Manufacturer refurbished
  • Item ships from: Los Angeles , CA · Get it in 3 days
  • Brand/Model: HP JG661A
  • UPC: 887758571965
  • Sold by: xeonbidder · This seller has received 1,842 ratings (99.60% Positive)

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727060-B21 764460-001 HPE FlexFabric 10GB 2-port 556FLR-SFP+Adapter HPE RENEW** (122338515820)
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700699-B21 701525-001 700697-001 HPE Ethernet 10GB 2P 561FLR-T Adapter RENEW**** (122031018747)
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871768-B21 872055-001 HPE 960GB SATA 6G RI 2.5" SFF SC SSD SUB 877752-B21 NEW (132735126847)
726903-B21 755051-001 HPE Smart Array P841/4GB FBWC 12GB 4P SAS Ctrl Retail NEW (132213135742)
456972-B21 456978-001 HP Emulex LPe1205 8Gb Fibre Channel HBA 4 c-Cl HP RENEW*** (121485538524)
698529-B21 729635-001 HPE Smart Array P430/2GB FBWC SAS RAID Controller RENEW* (131527149735)
N9X84A 834291-001 HPE SV3000 400GB SAS 12G 2.5" SFF Mixed Use SSD HPE Renew NOB (123122972037)
761477-B21 761497-001 758413-001 HPE 6TB 6G SAS 7.2K 3.5" SC ML HDD HPE RENEW (112119075946)
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N9X95A 841504-001 HPE 400GB MSA SAS 12G 2.5" SFF Mixed Use MU SSD HPE Retail NEW (132473775993)
651281-B21 656452-001 659822-001 HP QLogic QMH2572 8G FC HBA HP RENEW SEALED*** (121532339866)
632492-B21 632627-001 HPE 200GB SAS 2.5IN SLC Hot Plug SSD HPE RENEW *** (112101881575)
793701-B21 793772-001 HPE 8TB 12G SAS 7.2K LFF 3.5" 512E HELIUM HDD HPE RENEW*** (122370366763)
Dell SAS Expander Daughter Card for Dell PowerEdge R920 DPN# P6DGF ***** (121905020087)
EMULEX OneConnect 10Gb SR FC PCI-E Dual Port Network Adapter PN# OCE11102-FM**** (111567749463)
P9D93A 853010-001 HPE STOREFABRIC SN1100Q 16GB SINGLE PORT FIBRE CHANNEL HBA*** (122753715828)
P9D94A 853011-001 HPE STOREFABRIC SN1100Q 16GB Dual Port Fibre Channel HBA*** (112601421357)
N9X96A 841505-001 HPE MSA 800GB 12G SAS MIXED USE SFF 2.5IN SSD HPE Retail NEW (132278307547)
E7W54B 761924-001 HPE 3PAR StoreServ 7000 480GB 6G SAS SFF 2.5" SSD HPE RENEW** (112689178424)
826681-B21 HPE DL380 Gen9 E5-2609v4 1.7GHz 1P 8GB B140i SATA 8SFF SVR HPE RENEW* (132503908990)
E7W24B 761926-001 HPE 3AR StoreSer M6710 920GB 6G SAS 2.5" SFF MLC SSD HP RENEW* (122858991413)
826682-B21 HPE DL380 Gen9 E5-2620v4 2.1GHz 1P 16GB P440ar/2G 8SFF Server NEW *** (122371003629)
826682-B21 HPE DL380 Gen9 E5-2620v4 2.1GHz 1P 16GB P440ar/2G 8SFF SVR HPE RENEW* (132224615160)
721458-B21 721551-001 HPE 3TB FH/HL PCIe IO Drive2 G2 IO Accelerator MLC SSD (131893123076)
818208-B21 HPE DL360 G9 E5-2630v4 10C 1P 16GBR P440ar/2G 8SFF 500W Base Server** (122371009979)
P9M80A 868232-001 HPE MSA 800GB 12G SAS MIXED USE LFF 3.5IN SSD HPE Retail NEW** (112748844062)
872382-821 872509-001 HPE 1.6TB SAS 12G 2.5" SFF Mixed Use DS SSD Retail NEW ** (112829766256)
867962-B21 HPE DL360 Gen10 4114 10-Core 1P 16GB-R P408i-a 8SF 500W Server NEW** (132531975270)
711307-B21 716102-001 HPE 6125XLG Ethernet Blade Switch HPE RENEW Sealed *** (121497862195)
N9X91A 841500-001 HPE 1.6TB MSA SAS 12G 2.5" SFF Mixed Use SSD Drive Retail NEW* (122908981442)
826565-B21 HPE DL380 Gen10 2.2GHz 4114 32GB-R P408i-a 8SFF 500W Server HPE NEW** (132531934204)
686784-001 HPE DL560 Gen8 *NO CPU w/2xHeatsinks* 64GB HTPLG SFF Server RENEW * (111569866945)
732024-001 HPE DL560 Gen8 E5-4603v2 2P 16GB Hot Plug SFF Server HPE RENEW ** (121538085349)
N9X92A 841501-001 HPE 3.2TB MSA SAS 12G 2.5" SFF Mixed Use SSD Drive Retail NEW* (122909005973)
879991-B21 HPE DL360 Gen10 6130 2P 64GB-2R P408i-a P 10NVMe 2x800W Hi-Perf Svr** (113188649716)
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