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Google Chrome Browser is most used web browser in many regions around the globe. To better assist our users, we are invested in creating browser extensions for Google Chrome Browser. If you have any questions regarding to our tools, please feel free to contact us at

Tracking URL Generator

This extension can be downloaded at

Many of our users have submitted their feedback on an easier way to obtain promotional links to promote products through Whohou. This extension allows users to obtain promotional/tracking URLs as they browse the web, without ever logging into at all.

Your time is precious. Save time and generate your unique Whohou tracking URLs as you browse the web.

With the extension installed and activated, the extension will display your unique promotional/tracking URL on the top of every page that you visit.

Steps to Install and Use Extension:

1. Download & Install Google Chrome Browser (if you don't have it installed already)

2. Download & Install Tracking URL Extension

3. Once installed, click on the extension icon on the top right corner of your browser. Enter your username and click on "Save Settings".

4. With the extension activated, you will then see your unique promotional/tracking URL displayed on top of every page you visit.