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7M USB Waterproof Endoscope Borescope Snake Inspection Tube Camera 4 LED TF (163163134147)
7M USB Waterproof Endoscope Borescope Snake Inspection Tube Camera 4 LED PO (253872248126)
Lot of 4 US Made 6 Inch Steel Rules Union Tool Co. Starrett Co. Pioneer (113238473369)
Andonstar ADSM-201 and ADSM-302 HDMI microscope POLARIZER KIT (282571649127)
ESD 2' x 4' Anti Static Mat With Ground Snap WORK BENCH TABLE ELECTRONIC REPAIR (352449320402)
22-5794 Everett Charles IC Hinged Manual Actuator Type II 1.21mm 27x27mm (163303092341)
CCD Inspection Security Camera 970203QA087 Variable Shutter 12V C-Sync Video K33 (401415042743)
Sentech STC-630AS 1/3" CCD Microscopy Color DSP Camera, 2:1 (152963898915)
Nikon L2-ND4 Microscope Filter Slider for Eclipse L200 25ND4 New Sealed (283176059195)
Andonstar USB Digital Microscope Video Otoscope Endoscope Loupe Camera Cam ZS (142968175114)
Andonstar 2MP USB Digital Microscope Video otoscope endoscope loupe camera cam (153210732108)
Andonstar 2MP USB Digital Microscope Camera Magnifier video Endoscope Camera US (201001891642)
2MP USB Digital Microscope with Meatl base PCB Circuit Board Inspection Camera (190775372493)
TORQUELEADER TORQUE TESTER DR100/70 DR10070 10-100 ozf in 10-70N cm (301826747904)
Koyo YS-A22 Inspection Camera T20042 (352487049263)
ROI Ram Optical Instrumentation & Panasonic WV-CL110 W/Camera Drive (202466294294)
Sony XC-73 CCD Camera (161865208851)
Titan Microscope 20X (282379617661)
Cyclone Microsystems PCI80960 i960 Evaluation PCI Card VxWorks (282925214569)
Lot of 8 Inspection Camera 2-Lowress T63035 (362459923390)
Lot of 5 Inspection Camera 4-Highress T63034 (283212987801)
Jeweler's Watchmaker Luxo L-2 MAGNIFIER TABLE TOP MODEL KFM17215 VERY NICE (301965474749)
Andonstar HDMI Digital Microscope Long working distance PCB soldering repair SMT (253123799296)
Andonstar ADSM201 HDMI Microscope, Camera- True Digital HD Imaging at 1920x1080p (222672189975)
Andonstar HDMI Digital Microscope Long work distance PCB soldering repair Tool (282172903474)
Andonstar ADSM201 1080P HDMI HD Microscope Magnifier for PCB Repair Tool Express (282070901601)
Sentech STC-400HOL Monochrome Machine Vision Camera 2:1 Interlace Cased Camera (391502491642)
Sigma Size 5 Measuring System Metrology Electronic Inspection Equipment Vintage (123418435504)
Lord & Schoenberg Surface Inspection Light Model EAS (253893053298)
Tempo Tektronix RFM151 Signal Scout DV3 CATV Spectrum Analyzer Meter (292591895864)
B&S 5842 Hite-Check with Fowler QuadraTest Electronic Test Ind. (191757904019)
LG FHN7249A 27 X Zoom Camera T127008 (362461145838)
Scuba Diving Visual Inspection Equipment O Ringer Tool (183487681996)
Plastic Craft Tabletop Inspection Light Booth #1 (142388289313)
Ball-Bearing Dual-arm Boom Stand for Stereo Microscopes 15 Inch High Pillar (122716536486)
Adimec 732388 CameraLink Industrial Vision Camera (352315231250)
Taylor Hobson Auto Optical Collimator No 112/274-18 w/ Lamp (292753501375)
Malcom Laser Inspection System, model TD-3 (312260484331)
Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope Body Only 3.5X-90X (121303487604)
5X-60X Stereo Inspection Microscope +8W Fluorescent Light +USB Digital Camera (121484927553)
OMAX 5X-80X Trinocular ZOOM Stereo Microscope Body Only for Inspection (121448956588)
Dual-arm Ball-Bearing Boom Stand with Focusing Arm for Bausch & Lomb Microscopes (172875497636)
Heavy Duty Ball-Bearing Dual-arm Boom Stand for Stereo Microscopes+Focusing Rack (401408618287)
Trinocular Articulating Arm 360 Degrees Stereo Lab Microscope Inspection Tool (263758644165)
Optem Inspection zoom Lens System with motor DHO82504 A 57611 (183488229509)
Multi-arm Articulating Stand with Clamp for Stereo Microscope 76mm Focusing Rack (121637388285)
Plastic Craft Tabletop Inspection Light Booth #2 (122497873655)
Scuba Diving Visual Inspection Equipment Optical Plus w case (183487680963)
Dual-bar Binocular Stereo Microscope 20X-40X-80X with Boom Stand (401167822781)
DoALL Cadillac Gage Precision Height Gage, Inspection Equipment, Inspection (362425334043)
110V USB Digital Electric Industrial Inspection Zoom Video Microscope Amplify (181939857684)
Dalsa CCD Inspection Camera CT-C5-2048N w/ Nikon EL-NIKKOR 63mm 1:2.8 Lens ++ (272360193070)
OMAX 7X-45X Trinocular Zoom Stereo Microscope on Single Bar Boom Stand (172208753220)
Articulating Arm Boom Stand with 40cm High Vertical Post (171475710757)
Dyonics S97778 Camera and Leica LEI-750 Controller (192691139464)
Motherboard BGA Reballing BGA-100 INSPECTION TOOL USED Reflow Logic board scope (292438722635)
Rockwell 5JS Superficial Hardness Tester (282946029259)
OMAX Inspection Zoom 7X-90X Industrial Monocular Microscope w 56 LED Ring Light (401581216975)
5X-80X Circuit Inspection Trinocular Dual-bar Boom Stand Stereo Zoom Microscope (401167111596)
10X-80X Zoom Stereo Trinocular Microscope with 3MP USB Camera New (122077808502)
Horizontal Industrial Inspection Microscope with C-mount (122077520609)
Boom 2B Stand Zoom Stereo Trinocular Microscope 3.5X-90X (171240801976)
Trinocular 5X-10X-15X-30X 3MP Digital Stereo Boom Microscope+56 LED Ring Light (172288402473)
Trinocular 20X-40X-80X 3MP Digital Stereo Boom Microscope+56 LED Ring Light (172301423193)
NANOMETRICS # 7001-0092 FILM THICKNESS MEASUREMENT SYSTEM- Wafer Inspection (A1) (192673406794)
Edmund Optics Telecentric 58431 2.0X TML-HP High Magnification Lens C-Mount (282915990671)
Caltex Scientific Inc RX-100 Microscope with LCD (283013969945)
3.5X-90X Dual-bar Boom Stand Stereo Zoom 144 LED Light Trinocular Microscope (171291107175)
Boom Stand Microscope 3.5X-90X+2MP Camera+8W Ring Light (170905649793)
OMAX Industrial Inspection Zoom 7-90X Stereo Microscope+144 LED Light+2MP Camera (171473054553)
Do All Precision height gage, Inspection equipment, Machine Shop, Measuring, (281301544549)
Sony Technolook TW-TL5M Video Microscope (263803057191)
Hitachi DK-H3A-S1 1080i HD Digital DSP Camera (123383331229)
ISRA Vision Surface Inspection System Controller (201514588417)
CALTEX SYSTEMS 3-D Digital-Video Measurement Inspection System (232120142761)
Digital Instruments Microscope Inspection w/ Moritex MS-250 Light Intensity Unit (122862825449)
KLA-Tencor Surfscan SP1/TBI Single Board PN 92-005891-XXX REV: M-08 6220 6200 (192690176734)
1000'Underwater Well Sewer Cam Waterproof CAMERA INSPECTION TFT MONITOR-RECORDER (230683542913)
EG&G Astrophysics Linescan 222 X-Ray Scanner Inspection System (113274389090)
Scuba Diving Visual Inspection Equipment Visual Plus 3 Eddy Current (183487675466)
AST VCA OPTICA w/ TILTING STAGE II Angle Wafer Surface Analysis Inspection (192696303592)
Digital Inspection Zoom Microscope 8" LCD Monitor 11X-102X+96 LED Light (121444223980)
Chimney Cleaning Sweeping Equipment   With Color Chim Scan Video inspection  (253943100573)
Sony Technolook TW-TL10Z Video Microscope Tested - Used TWTL10Z (282875475063)
OMAX 40X-800X PCB&Wafer Semiconductor Inspection Infinity Microscope Large Stage (401306747379)
ERSASCOPE BGA Inspection system (232877141581)
Deltronic DVC-120 Video/Vision Measuring Machine .00005" MPC-6 (332840926764)
Inspection and measurement equipment lot Mitutoyo, Federal, Brown & Sharpe (112318375511)
Glenbrook Technologies Jewel Box CS Real Time X-Ray Inspection System w/ Manual (302807871975)
Aries Industries Sewer Inspection Equipment and Trailer (362429672126)
API LTS-1100 Laser Tracker II Plus - New 2005 - w/ accessories & software (283131299581)
3D Surface Profiler - Profilometer - Roughness Meter - SALE! (331155982999)
Glenbrook Technologies Jewel Box 70T Real-Time X-Ray Inspection System (15264) (182619695919)
Mirtec MV-3L Benchtop Automatic Optical Inspection System (332742335051)
2013 Glenbrook Jewel Box 70T Real Time X-ray Inspection System (322465898713)
Olympus MX80-F Wafer Inspection Video Microscope New (352488966026)