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100 pcs Premium Quality Ai Weiwei Porcelain Sunflower Seeds LONDON TATE MODERN (182988037906)
❶US stock❶Set of 3 male genitals penis for 1/6 Phicen M30 M31 M32 action figure (132296978563)
NEW 14PCS Pottery Clay Sculpture Sculpting Carving Modelling Ceramic Hobby Tools (263349125494)
Art Iron Cat Animal Metal Sculpture Handicraft Home Decor Handmade Ornament M4C3 (263561765934)
Golden Gem Art Sculpture (263766722327)
6"x1" Black Marble Base L@@k. 80 available (112665566810)
art sculpture wood carving Haiti tribal man Drum light figure 10" Tall (142841805084)
Vintage Abstract Hand Carved Old Man Wood Sculpture (382498472651)
Red/Black Granite Base for Fine Art Sculptures - 4 x 4 x 4 Cube (173376568252)
Egyptian Bronze/Brass Over Sculpture of Horus as a Falcon 12"X7" (223028819000)
Tooarts Blue Fantastic Horse Glass Sculpture Home Decor Animal Ornament Art L4K2 (253469172366)
Antique Vtg ART DECO CARVED ALABASTER Marble Knight Horse Sculpture STATUE (332695207476)
Post-modernism faces-Hand-crafted Home Office Decor Sculptures As Artistic Gift (252920564844)
Sculptures Works in Stone, Wood, and Metal (183287224282)
Koty Kristian Metal Art Sculpture Boy and Girl signed (302780669536)
Lost Wax Cast Bronze Sculpture Ballerina Dancer Figurine Statue Art Decor (232815829321)
Abstract Silver Wall Clock - Contemporary Metal Wall Art Decor by Jon Allen (273290408634)
Goddess APHRODITE Venus Nude Female Cast Marble Statue Sculpture 12'' (253620773280)
Framed 3D Copper Repousse Sculpture By Mark Oberkirsch Designs Southwest (273315553923)
VTG Ceramic Wall Hanging Decor Art Sculpture MCM Mid Century Modern Large 12x16 (123207222813)
TBLeague (Phicen) PLMB2017-S23B Girl Seamless Strong 1/6 Suntan Medium Bust Body (192499417185)
Vintage Horus Black Falcon Egyptian Statue Louvre Museum Replica Alva 1977 (173376654484)
Face Sculpture Statue Abstract Modern Art Deco (253163581579)
Magic Bali Mushroom Carving Parasite Wood Balinese Art Sculpture hand carved 9" (332329408479)
Large Metal Sculpture Tall Wire Table Art Display Piece Unique Urban Home Design (162985429987)
2018 R. HUNT Modern Abstract Freeform Metal/Aluminum Wall Art Sculpture (192577212328)
Mid Century Modern Green Glazed Stallion Art Statue Racing Horse Galloping (323312205106)
3D 3’6” Lobby Entry Modern Art Twisted Metal Sculpture Handmade Artistic (123206751846)
Beethoven Bust (232194218843)
Custom personalized Rail Road Spike Gift Sculpture Figurine (starting at $39.99) (152685798210)
Vintage Bronze Art Sculpture Lady L'HIVER (183287279382)
Abraham Palatnik Lucite Acrylic Large Sammy the Squirrel -  Op Art!   (232815687012)
Abstract Metal Sculpture Wall Art Mid Century Modern Atomic Retro Color (142840755518)
Abstract Metal Cross Sculpture Mid Century Modern Religious Statues Hand Made (132673944535)
Vintage Hand Carved Turtle Frances Baxter Hard Wood Listed American Artist (163110191040)
Real Bronze Metal Statue Marble Nude Naked Female Art Nouveau Famous Sculpture (171768815385)
3D Blue & Silver Metal Wall Art Sculpture - Contemporary Home Decor by Jon Allen (273235327875)
Vintage Abstract ART SCULPTURE Mid-Century Modern Biomorphic Metal 1970's (183285187454)
Abraham Palatnik Lucite Acrylic Purple Walrus  Op Art!   (232815688329)
Art Deco Era Lady Dancer Spelter Bronze Statue Sculpture Signed Piece (223028795369)
Nude Woman Female Form Torso Sculpture Statue Lovely Museum or Hotel Artwork (142781813271)
Silver Modern Abstract Metal Wall Art Sculpture - Home Decor - Jon Allen (271608175635)
Antique French Sculpture by Villanis Woman Bust Carmela Spelter Statue Pot Metal (232816341022)
SET 12 Twelve Greek Olympian Gods Pantheon Figure Handmade Statue Sculpture (253317055186)
Antique BRONZE JB 2893 Jennings Brothers Male Setter Dog Sculpture Statue 4.75'' (113092175815)
Color Changing LED Modern Abstract Metal Wall Art Sculpture Painting Decor RGB (151062256501)
Color Changing LED Modern Abstract Metal Wall Art Sculpture Painting Decor RGB (182729403329)
Hanging Mobile Art Sculpture - CARDINAL XL - 40”x 56” Aluminum Mobile (273315224819)
Contemporary Abstract Metal Art Decor Outdoor Yard Sculpture-Reaching Out-Blue (230465566560)
Heavy Vintage Faux Bronzed Patina Metal Elephant w/ Baby On Back Vessel Statue (142841840212)
Modern Abstract Original Painting Metal Wall Art Blue Aurora Sculpture Jon Allen (230760465088)
Signed Original Artist D.M.Z. Coyle Original Clay Sculpture Shopping Lady w/bags (302780050136)
Vintage Tribal Hand Carved Pygmy Headhunter Solid Wood Philippines 1950-60s Era (163110748812)
Mid Century Modern HEIFETZ Reclining Female Nude Sculpture (163111019366)
Lovely French Art Nouveau Woman Figural Bronze Wax Seal Sculpture Statue Figure (291940274113)
Early Vintage Sergio Bustamante Quail Bird Metal Art Sculpture Mid Century (232816213419)
Contemporary Modern Brushed Aluminum Large Abstract Art Wall Sculpture Signed (173269245261)
Two Vintage Mid Century Modern Samarai Figurines (232815931733)
R.C. Gorman Paper Cast Relief Sculpture Flute Player 1988 #33/150 (253705597108)
BILL MACK Original BRONZE SCULPTURE Peaceful Children art Signed Bas Relief (142841747216)
CHARLES BRAGGS’s “”The Belfast Tiger” Original Bronze Statue (113084253895)
GEORGE SEGAL Original SCULPTURE Vellum Resin Relief Art Hand Signed Authentic (142841747234)
steampunk industrial 1930’s Austin wall art, bar art, man cave (132671763933)
ORIGINAL Signed JAMES HOUSE JR. Bronze Nude Sculpture 1946 Mid Century Modern (352386510393)
Rare ROGER NOBLE BURNHAM Signed 1913 Relief Sculpture - LISTED (280003595707)
Stephen Hansen Wall Sculpture Hand Painted Signed Magic Large Rare Artwork SBO (142841747281)
Curtis C Jere Original Metal Sculpture Large Abstract Signed Artwork Painting (142841747286)
Yankel Ginzburg ORIGINAL Acrylic Sculpture Large HAND SIGNED Color Art Statue (283020308199)
Steve Kaufman Original Sculpture The Godfather Ledger Book Signed Painting Art (332695014528)
Emmanuel E Villanis Art Nouveau Bronze Sculpture Lady in Dress w/Dog Art Nouveau (283020615566)
Frank Gallo Original Cast Paper Signed Color Relief Sculpture Large Signed Art (263773516496)
BILL MACK Original BRONZE Relief SCULPTURE art Signed EMBRACING bas Female Love (142841747420)
Pedro Friedeberg Original Butterfly Chair Sculpture Painting Signed Artwork Rare (113091793568)
Antique Julia Bracken Wendt Bronze Medallion Plaque Sculpture Vintage Wall Art (253705354370)
Erte "Triumph" Original Bronze Sculpture Erté Limited Edition Statue (273313158434)
Howard Rogers BRONZE SCULPTURE Original Summer Breeze Female Signed Statue Art (113091787242)
Vintage Modern Metal Copper,silver Framed Art Work ~by Dale Clark Signed 78 (223023211748)
Scott Hanson Original License Sculpture Hand Signed New York Collage Metal Art (113091793718)
Leonardo Nierman Original Bronze Sculpture Abstract Hand Signed Modern Artwork (332695025429)
Large Metal Wall Art SCULPTURE Framed Signed Gregory Sunflowers #6875 (323313714754)
PAUL WEGNER Original BRONZE SCULPTURE Heave Ho with the PAINTING Signed Art RARE (263773509706)
Frederick Hart The Source Bronze Maquette Sculpture Signed Female Figurative Art (153071788935)
Bob Parks Large Bronze Sculpture Parting In Ways Signed Horse Cowboy Western Art (113091793339)
ERTE Signed BRONZE SCULPTURE Belle De Nuit Original ART antique $16,000 RARE (153071788956)
ERTE Signed BRONZE Sculpture LA JALOUSIE Original Romain de Tirtoff antique art (113091787184)
$16,000 ERTE Signed BRONZE Sculpture Original Romain de Tirtoff ART DECO gouache (142841747219)
Angelo Basso Original Nude Female Figurative Bronze Sculpture Odine Signed Art (142841747278)
Frederick Hart BRONZE SCULPTURE Relief Signed Artwork Nude Female VEIL OF LIGHT (142841747279)
SALVADOR DALI Bronze SCULPTURE Wall Relief Signed Ten Commandments Surreal Art (142841747404)
Large ERTE Signed BRONZE Sculpture PEACE Original Romain de Tirtoff antique art (113091787218)
JIANG TIE FENG Original RIBBON DANCER Bronze Sculpture Signed Art Chinese LARGE (142841747417)
Paul D Wegner Large Bronze Sculpture Swingin Blowin Playin Jazz Music Signed Art (113091787224)
$25,000 Rare ERTE Signed BRONZE Sculpture THE WEDDING Original ART DECO antique (142841747242)
DINO ROSIN Original MURANO and Calcedonia Glass Signed Sculpture THE FAMILY Art (113091787201)
WILLIAM MORRIS Original HAND BLOWN Glass Sculpture Signed Art Vessel VASE Murano (142841747284)