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General Electric GE 15D22G2 Coil 110 Volt (173527404516)
General Electric GE 15D21G24 Coil 24 Volt (173628902255)
GE 15D21G2 115v 60Hz 95v 50hz Black Coil (263276461530)
General Electric GE 15D5G4 Coil 460 Volt-NIB (173628020870)
GE Magnetic Coil 15D22G3 208-220V@60Hz Used (272274275912)
GE 72/80V 393B257G312 (161266455209)
NEW! GE / GENERAL ELECTRIC COIL 22D101G3A 115/120 VDC (254010385689)
GE 55-501336G002, 115-120 VOLT 60 HZ COIL (282462120768)
GE Coil 1D154G33A (161255015270)
GE Coil 1D154G37A (161255015035)
General Electric GE CR460XCJ Coil 115-120 Volt-NIB (173547668933)
NEW NOS GE 692C215G02 Transformer Coil 2 Lead Close/Trip (201937910618)
GE 15D22G064 Coil 440V 60hz 380-415V 50hz (263269392606)
GE Magnetic Coil 22D153G3 208/220V@60Hz Used (272275156436)
GE Magnetic Coil 15D23G22 120V@60Hz 110V@50Hz Used (282535358500)
GE 281A171G4 Renewal Coil (371815389145)
GE Magnetic Coil 55-501336G3 208/220V@60Hz Used (282068037777)
GENERAL ELECTRIC GE Coil 230/250V DC 22D14G12A (171814033437)
GE Coil #3240065 (New) (252494025460)
GE Filter GE P/N: 104B2740G004 V8601236-004 (NIB) (253281432736)
GE 55-501493G4, 460 VOLT 60HZ COIL (272658894952)
GE 15D21G24 Coil 24V 60HZ (142965363211)
GE General Electric Coil 55-B38B 208 V @ 50Hz 240V @ 60Hz NOS NIB (352227143397)
GE 15D22G4 coil 460V 60HZ  (222713270417)
GE Industrial 55-B38A 110/120V REPLACEMENT COIL (UNUSED) (281800752234)
GE MCC-1 Coil 55-501463G022 (111537898948)
General Electric GE 55-501463G005 Coil 575-600 Volt (173027446805)
GE 55-501336G4 460V60Hz 360V50Hz (222690458850)
1 USED GE 281A171G2 MAGNETIC COIL ***MAKE OFFER*** (332104148924)
GE Industrial 55-501336G004 55-501336G4 460 V Coil (New in Box) (281800785539)
GE 15D21G062 Coil 110v 60hz 92v 50hz (263276465557)
GE 55-501493G2, 115 VOLT 60 HZ COIL (262968566976)
GE 55-501463G23, 200-208 VOLT 60HZ COIL (272658906712)
GE 15D1G75 Coil, 200/208V, New Surplus (123451883119)
GE Magnetic Coil 55-501463G35 480V@60Hz 400V@50Hz Used (291792242184)
Coil 15d21g032 GE (122985442592)
GE General Electric Coil 15D4G2 NOS (173044931194)
GE Coil, 55-530249G004, series A, coil voltage 460/480, 60hz NOS (263925413248)
New GE Coil 22D8 G3 (253376947974)
GENERAL ELECTRIC 324226 COIL GE (323251717765)
55-501336G27 GE Magnetic Coil, 230/250V (322601735530)
GE Magnetic Coil KB5EJ 110-127V AC/DC 50/60Hz Used (273477965105)
GENERAL ELECTRIC GE Electrical Solenoid Operating Coil 3246879 (152524415471)
GE Magnetic Coil 55-504602G35 480V@60Hz 400V@50Hz Used (282735509156)
GE General Electric Coil 3198633 NEW (282894249548)
GE Magnetic Coil 55-501463G004 460-480V@60Hz 440@50Hz Used (282068089388)
GE Control 55-530249G004 Magnetic Coil 460-480V 60Hz 440V 50Hz (352226762457)
GE Magnetic Coil GF473 120V @ 60Hz 110V @ 50Hz Used (292742119962)
GE Control 55-501493G102 Coil 280 VDC Sealed is VA (352226762453)
GE Coil #1D38G2 (New) (252494012221)
GENERAL ELECTRIC GE 24VDC Coil 22D101G18A (302340061926)
GE 22D11G44A Coil, 20VDC, New Surplus (123448350066)
GE 55-530249G003, 230-240 VOLT 60 HZ COIL (262968574127)
GE 22D11G70A Coil, 175V, New Surplus (123448347472)
GE 22D156G002 Coil 110/92V (371861834745)
GE 22D2G5 Coil, New Surplus (123443901622)
General Electric GE TFKSTA8 24 VDC F225 Breaker Shunt Trip (172113558036)
GE 22D155G2 Coil, 110-92V @ 50/60HZ, New Surplus (123420209476)
GE 55-523758G022 Coil 120V @ 60HZ, Used (123433744907)
GE General Electric 55-501463G003 Coil, Series A, 230-240V 60Hz NOS (352226762478)
GE COIL 3198604 (281349157204)
GE 3021599 BD COIL (292420350932)
GE Control General Electric 55501463G5 / 555-501463G5 Magnetic Coil 575V @ 60Hz (173016490150)
GE 55-501463G5 Coil, 575V @ 60HZ, Used (123433051822)
GE General Electric Stater Coil 22D153G22 New NOS (171728046371)
1 NEW GE 3028032 MAGNETIC COIL ***MAKE OFFER*** (231989166080)
GE Control 55-501493G005 Series A Coil 575-600V @ 60Hz 550V @ 50Hz NOS (352226762459)
GE 393B200G6 (253235502638)
GE Controls General Electric Coil 55-513696G23 / 55-513696G023 200V @ 60Hz NOS (352226762145)
GE 55-170205G2 Coil, 110V @ 60hz, Used (123430483737)
General Electric GE DC Coil 22D95G5A (172724524353)
GE Solenoid CR9500B103A2A (302826393894)
GE 55-501493G005, 575-600 VOLT 60HZ COIL (262968581508)
GE 55-B22R Coil, 24V, New Surplus (123452139176)
GE 1D106G3A Contactor Coil 115-120 VDC, New Surplus (123450055233)
GE 55-530249G34 Coil, New Surplus (123452096033)
GE 15D21G6 Magnetic Coil, 600V Nema Size 0 & 1, New Surplus in box (123450409221)
GE 55-501463G4 460V@60Hz 380V@50Hz (222690455345)
GE 55-501463G3 Coil 230V/60Hz (222690449544)
GE Controls General Electric Coil 55-B22F 277V 60 Hz NOS NIB (173017238934)
UNUSED NOS GE 22D3G3 Coil (253957917152)
GE General Electric 55-501463G009 55-501463 G9 Coil 440V 50Hz 55-650355-A (350953251605)
GE CONTROLS 15D9G004 Magnetic Coil 460V For IEC Contactors Lot/1 NIB! (361989198967)
GE 200-208v 60hz COIL 55-530249G023 (291821962594)
GE 1D106G2A Solenoid Coil 230-250 VDC, New Surplus (123450033192)
GE 22D154G3A Coil, 115/120VDC, New Surplus (123448352016)
GENERAL ELECTRIC 1D19G203 COIL GE (323251693193)
GE General Electric Coil 22D95G2A *FREE SHIPPING* (281711335943)
GE DC Coil 24881G4 (172724521130)
General Electric GE CR9500A100A2A Solenoid Coil 115 Volt-NIB (173456269331)
General Electric GE 22D75G2A Coil 230/250 VDC (173638540083)
GE ML-18 PowerVAC Trip Coil 0282A7015G004 / 0209B8104G001 -SFC71506 48vDC NEW (171307324524)
GE General Electric Nuclear Energy Safety Related Coil 55-000007G079 55-7G79 (352238118704)
GE COIL REPLACE KIT 15D22G002 *NEW (162360572694)
GE Coil #393B200-G6 (New) (252494032535)
GE Coil #3021731 (NIB) (282130400043)
GE 55-189911 COIL (332355880034)

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