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Qty. 100: Thomas & Betts CTB4ID Marking Pad Cable Ties/Tie, ASM PN: 62-106626A22 (132311463413)
NEW ASM PN: 845000551 Filter-HEPA-Extruded AL Case-53 MM, Flanders AP493-399 (382213471495)
NEW ASM PN: 16-183851D01 Pad-End Effector-Vespel-Front-LH (132311472551)
NEW ASM PN: 42-122970A71 Power Supply-DCDC-PM20-24-D12/Cosel R100U-12 12V 8.5A D (162651442494)
ASM 200mm Epsilon Epitaxy System XYCARB Upper Slip Ring Part# 16-329545 D01/C (191351758350)
New ASM Epsilon Epi Susceptor, 8" / 4" Wafer Pocket Part # 16-332420 D04 (191982143208)
NEW ASM PN: 02-188758D01 Rotation Sensor Smart Motor Cable Assembly (382564385086)
NEW ASM PN: 2582643-01 Coolant Removal Kit (132311464590)
Precise Sensors Inc. 4861-65-GA-RM Pressure Gauge Display ASM 845004980 New (254158831686)
NEW ASM PN: 32-106856A94 45 Ft. Cable CB651S-30-45 152/253 MKS Valve/Control (132311465212)
NEW ASM PN: 3751864-01 Nipple-Reducing-Single Port (132311472655)
NEW ASM PN: 03-111228D01 PCB ASSY-DTC ISBX Board Assembly (382213465392)
NEW ASM PN: 2850184-21 Wafer Counter Interface Board Assembly PWBA (132311465190)
NEW ASM PN: 2600382-21 Element Control Panel PWBA Assembly (162651440238)
NEW ASM PN: 1019-234-01 Tube-Coil-Channel Plate (162651439339)
NEW ASM PN: 2373262-01 Retro Tubing Bubbler R1 Retrofit Kit (162651442452)
NEW ASM PN: 16-351152C01 Line-OW-Sense-Slow Pump-Short-RH (162651437885)
New ASM 300mm EPI Susceptor Part# 16-176991D01 B (191768989454)
NEW ASM PN: 3753514-01 Plate-Nut-PCE Upper Shield (162651440253)
NEW ASM PN: 02-123819C01 Coaxial Coax Matchbox Cable w/Adapter RFPP AM-10 (162651439363)
ASM PCB Controller Card Board 2327910-01 Rev. C PWBA SERVO MOTOR DRIVE DRIVER (192190121562)
NEW ASM PN: 02-140375-02 Right Loadlock Burp Valve (382213466936)
NEW ASM PN: 04-333476E01 Kit-Retro-Card Slot-FDD-LH Retrofit Kit (382461557540)
NEW ASM PN: 02-186206D02 Genmark Robot/Controller Interface Cable (163253058227)
NEW ASM PN: 1061-550-01 Flange Adapter? (132311471896)
NEW ASM PN: 2377233-01 Retrofit Kit !!Retro Elec PBI OXI3 02 A (382213467995)
NEW ASM 04-332852A01 Hastelloy Std Pneumatic Valve Retrofit Kit/RETRO-PNEU VALVE (382213467417)
NEW ASM PN: 16-192752-01 INA-Reflector-Rear Lower Removable SST (132311466385)
NEW ASM PN: 16-322467C01 Flange-Feedthru-Upper-Gas (162651436372)
NEW ASM 03-107556D01 PCB Assy-Display Driver/Keyboard Interface II (382213465477)
NEW ASM PN: 2346753-05 Retrofit Kit !!Retro Loto 5X MAN NUPRO (382213471458)
ASM 1020-361-01 Gasline 3 Tube Support Bracket Reseller Lot of 4 New Surplus (173855410492)
ASM 1020-104-01 Clamp .25" Gasline Inlets Reseller Lot of 6 New Surplus (143192599750)
ASM 16-404494-01 Exhaust Port Screw Shaft Reseller Lot of 8 New Surplus (173854235425)
ASM 1017-329-01 Diluent Panel Support Bracket Reseller Lot of 6 New Surplus (382868913866)
ASM 1016-507-01 Catch Process Module Door Mount Reseller Lot of 8 New Surplus (382870895104)
NEW ASM PN: 16-187383D01 Manifold Atmospheric Vent (132311472566)
NEW ASM PN: 04-328353A02 Qualiflow F Pneumatic NC Hi-Flow Valve Rebuilt Kit (382213471134)
NEW VAT 26328-KA01-0002 HV Angle ISO-KF25 Vacuum Valve, ASM PN: 50-123824A25 (132311465240)
NEW ASM PN: 16-170194D01 Window-Viewport View Port 16-170194-01 (382213471138)
NEW ASM PN: 16-321650E01 100MM to 200MM Cassette Register Plate (4-8") (382213465476)
NEW ASM PN: 3753603-01 Shield-PCE-Low Side-300MM (162651439374)
NEW ASM PN: 3752453-01 Shield-PCE Bottom Side-300MM (300 mm) (132311464575)
NEW ASM PN: 04-350321-01 Multiport Flange Universal O-Ring Kit, O-Rings (162651434859)
NEW ASM PN: 04-323035A01 Enclosure O-Ring Set Kit (162651442001)
NEW ASM PN: 02-330285D01 Ceramic RP Center Thermocouple TC (02-323584D01) (132311467225)
NEW ASM PN: 32-122101A75 Genmark Robot Interface Cable 15ft (132311472711)
ROTO TECH. ASM EUROPE ELEMENT CONTROL PANEL 2517655-01 REV A ECP Temperature (201193677511)
Cleaned ASM PN: 16-193799D Plate-Heater Source Valves (382213467977)
NEW ASM PN: 16-320319B01 Refl-D-Air Baffle-PCE Reflector (382213471430)
ASM 03-188871D01 DC Interlock III CE PCB Card Used Working (381679716491)
ASM Europe UV-Sensor 2866943-01 Modular Assembly New (323785942893)
NEW ASM PN: 73055-72435 View Port (162651442542)
NEW ASM 56-106565A48 Heater-1.5 IN Dia, 200 VAC, 40 W, 150 C, MKS PN: 9615-1222 (132311471909)
NEW ASM PN: 56-106565A37 Heater-1.5 IN Dia, 200 VAC, 40W, 150C, MKS PN:9615-1135 (132311472637)
NEW ASM PN: 56-106565A35 Heater-1.5 IN Dia, 200 VAC, 40W, 150C, MKS PN:9615-1134 (132311467165)
NEW ASM PN: 16-192753-01 INA-Reflector-Rear Upper Removable SST (132311472593)
NEW ASM PN: 04-328646-01 Pressure Regulator Rebuild Kit, BP8 0-1PSI GO BP-8 (162651442019)
NEW ASM PN: 56-106565A36 Heater-1.5 IN Dia, 200 VAC, 30W, 150C, MKS PN:9615-1131 (132311466399)
NEW ASM PN: 16-177756C01 Duct-Flexible-7" Dia (25" L) (382213464842)
ASM Touchscreen Display 2506874-01 HMI (283289235152)
ASM Touchscreen Display 2531860-01 (283289246689)
Refurbished ASM PN: 03-146314D01 PCB ASSY-MFC IF BD Board Assembly (382213471780)
NEW ASM PN: 73055-70444 Transport Tube A (162651438554)
NEW ASM PN: 3751821-01 Plate-Diffuser-Injector-Flange (382213471435)
ASM 16-196819-01 Gas Line Assembly Reseller Lot of 4 Refurbished (142847540703)
NEW ASM PN: 2506629-21 4-C Serial Communications Circuit Board PCB Assembly (132321765175)
ASM Advanced Semiconductor Materials 16-404502-01 Upper Exhaust Heat Shield New (382823521813)
ASM Advanced Semiconductor Materials 16-141530-01 PCE Left Side Shield New (173823608302)
ASM Touchscreen Display 2431860-01 Netherlands (202234444241)
ASM Touchscreen Display 2506874-01 HMI Netherlands (192461163282)
NEW ASM PN: 03-20224-02 PCB/Circuit Board Assembly (132311468032)
ASM Touchscreen Assembly 2531860-01 Netherlands (201407915012)
ASM Assy Touchscreen Display 2531860-01 Rev. B1 Control Panel computer (192462316729)
NEW ASM PN: 2992868-01 !!Seal Infl Door Opener, Inflatable (132311469074)
NEW ASM PN: 16-178672D01 Support-Large Dia Susceptor (132311472667)
NEW ASM PN: 16-400300-01 Port-Vac Exhaust-SHD (132311472489)
NEW ASM PN: 02-333414D01 Assy-Panel-Loadlock Access Control-LH Assembly (132311471916)
NEW ASM PN: 3753476-01 Shield-PCE Left Side-300MM (162651440286)
NEW ASM PN: 16-196001-01 Ring-Flow Control-ALD6 (132311464591)
NEW ASM PN: 04-351518C01 Kit-200mm Cool Station Pins-Quartz (w/16-350861B01) (382435573604)
Tescom 74-3060KRR22-083 Dome Loaded Hi Pressure/Flow Regulator ASM 53-106246A83 (382213464011)
Gespac GESMPU-20H512 MPU-20H512 MPU-20 Processor Board, ASM (382213464872)
NEW ASM PN: 77-106930A11 15" TFT LCD Monitor Digit Touch Systems 450ca 15" Finch (162651440302)
ASM Advanced Semiconductor Materials 16-321411C01 Lifter Susceptor Ring New (173855409751)
NEW ASM PN: 02-188858D01 Assy-Power Supply Rotation (132311464537)
NEW ASM PN: 20-140832-01 TOOL-LASER SENSOR-SETUP-WHC (382451189872)
NEW ASM 64-106760A23 Magnetron, MRG, 2.450 GHz 2030 W 2kW Muegge MB2568A-120CC (162651442016)
ASM PN: 03-186896U01 PCB Assy-Vacuum Interface-E3000 (382213467975)
NEW ASM PN: 2366819-11 Kit SOFTW 5.83J A412 MTC Software Kit (162651442401)
ASM PN: 02-331650D01? Wafer Carrier Cassette 8" 200mm (162651441385)
NEW ASM PN: 16-404273-01 Heater-Lower Vacuum Chamber Clamp/Tig Weld (132311472658)
ASM Assembly DPC 2507250-02 Control Cabinet Controller Computer Netherlands (202234493327)
ASM Control Cabinet Assy DPC 2507250-12 Rev. J Control Cabinet Controller Comput (202234603487)
NEW ASM PN: 54-106931A67 Controller-Assy-Dual Board-Interface Asyst 3200-1171 (162651436829)
NEW SAFC Hitech Enabling Technology/ASM/Novellus ALD Ampoule/Bubbler (382213465394)
ASM Furnace/EPI? Load Lock Chambers A600/A400/A412? Qty. 4, 2003-01-L & -R (132311463434)
NEW Genmark SMALL 9800106571 Robot System Controller ASM PN: 54-115407A12 (162651438863)

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