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NEW! ACME TA-1-81056 150VA General Purpose Transformer 120V 240V to 16V 32V (183071072591)
Acme Control Transformer TA-1-81143 100VA Pri 120/240V Sec 24V Used (291639700032)
Acme Transformer T-1-81058 General Purpose Transformer 120x240V .50KVA 1PH (392242931076)
ACME TA-2-69307 Transformer 1000VA 50/60Hz TA269307 (202263441831)
Acme Control Transformer TA-2-81215 500VA Pri: 240/480V Sec: 120V 50/60Hz Used (282506589021)
ACME, CONTROL TRANSFORMER, TB81212, 150VA, 50/60HZ (264267867055)
ACME Transformer General Purpose Transformer T-2-530085 "Missing Screw" Used (272256320837)
Acme T253014S 240VAC,480VAC In 120VAC,240VAC Out Single Phase Transformer (392185962868)
ACME TRANSFORMER T-1-81051 PRIMARY VOLT 120 X 240 SECONDARY VOLT 12 X 24 KVA 0.5 (192512669507)
Acme Control Transformer TA-2-81217 1000VA 50/60Hz Used (291515277887)
ACME, TA-2-81241, CONTROL TRANSFORMER, 1000V, 50HZ/60HZ (202263440897)
Acme Transformer TA-2-81149, 500 vA, 240 V, Open Core + Coil Transformer, New! (222271152262)
Acme 1KVA General Purpose Transformer, Prim: 240 x 480 Sec: 120/240 , T 2-53010- (382536269061)
Acme Transformer T253010S General Purpose Transformer 1.0 KVA 240/480120/240 NIB (273810825450)
Acme Electric T279740S 1 KVA 1 Ph Transformer 120/208/240/277V 2 YEAR WARRANTY (323745581639)
ACME Control Transformer TA-2-81217-F2 1000VA 50/60Hz Pri 240/480V Sec 120V Used (281684398746)
Acme Transformer Transformer ALRB002TBC 3Ph 60Hz 600V 14.40V IZ @ 2A Used (292900152340)
Acme Transformer Type SR Transformer T-1-81052 0.75KVA Pri: 120/240V Sec: 12/24V (292782833058)
Acme Transformer Buck Boost Transformer T-1-81050 0.250KVA 1Ph Used (282744093585)
ACME T-2-53007-S TRANSFORMER *NEW NO BOX* (312555283302)
Acme Electric AE010100 AE Series, 100 VA, 120 X 240 Primary Volts, 24 Secondary (202191045605)
Acme Transformer T-1-81057 A-700921-53 9765 Dry Type Distribution (392278925672)
ACME 100 VA 120/240x24 Volt Machine Transformer- T1039 NEW (262491411954)
Acme 240/480V Primary 120/240V Secondary 60Hz Transformer (273503660110)
Acme TA-2-81217 Transformer 1000VA 1 kVA Prim 240 /480 Sec 120 VAC 1 Ph TA281217 (352640684780)
Acme Transformer Transformer T-2-53011-S 1.5KVA Pri:240/480V Sec:120/240V 1Ph (273259335777)
ACME T-1-37921 TRANSFORMER (254150935723)
ACME GENERAL PURPOSE TRANSFORMER T-2-53172-1S 277 VAC 2.0 KVA TYPE 3R (352604174200)
ACME 3KVA TRANSFORMER (293050223050)
Acme Transformer 500va 230/240V TA-1-81215 (380625745899)
Acme TA-1-54525 Industrial Control Transformer 1500VA 480V/240V Pri. 120V Sec. (192795772934)
Acme T253012S Style SR Dry Type Transformer PRIM: 240 X 480 SEC: 120/240 (352295292343)
Acme T-2-53008-S 0.50KVA General Purpose Transformer 240c480V HV 120/240V LV (352615841968)
Acme Transformer Finger Guard Industrial Control Transformer PH1 250VA 50/60Hz F (380867982549)
Acme T181051 Lighting Transformer 120 X 240 Volt Input (122258070399)
Acme T-2-53013-S Transformer General Purpose 3KVA 240x480 HV 120/240 LV (273743549895)
ACME Control Transformer TA-2-81218 1500VA Pri 240/480V Sec 120V Used (271693063435)
ACME TRANSFORMER T253011S T-2-53011-S 1.5KVA SINGLE PHASE (113224423726)
ACME TA-1-81142 TRANSFORMER *NEW IN BOX* (233183947308)
Acme TA-2-69306 Control Transformer 750V 1Ph Open 208/230/460V Pri 115V Sec (351392863242)
Acme Type SR Transformer T-1-11683 1KVA Pri: 120/240V Sec: 12/24V 1Ph 60Hz Used (273484731940)
Acme TF-2-17437-S General Purpose Transformer 1.0 KVA 1 PH T133337 (283426012046)
Acme Electric General Purpose Transformer 120/240V 3.0KVA 1PH T2531131S (182257566657)
Acme Electric T-1-53011 General Purpose Transformer 1.5KVA 240x480/120/240 (162895176905)
Acme transformer T-2-53010-S (332685198602)
Acme Transformer Control Transformer FS 2-2000 2000VA 50/60Hz Used (281820885373)
Acme Transformer Control Transformer TA-2-81219 2000VA Pri:240/480V Sec:120V (291745432861)
ACME Transformer Control Transformer TA2-81005 0.5 KVA New Surplus (272255024637)
Acme Transformer Type No. TA-1-32406 New missing box (223483806282)
Transformer,120/240VAC,16/32VAC,100VA ACME ELECTRIC T181055 (372653156282)
T253012S ACME Electric Transformer 1 Phase Tested (253801207332)
Acme Electric T253008S General Purpose Transformer 120/240V Output 500VA - New (192891356437)
ACME T-1-11684 1.5kVA General Purpose Transformer 120V 240V to 12V 24V 1 Phase (183272661608)
ACME T-1-11683 1000 VA BUCK BOOST TRANSFORMER 1000 WATT NEW (401750252289)
Acme Electric T253008S General Purpose Transformer 120/240V Output 500VA - New (264252332547)
ACME TRANSFORMER TA-2-81197 * NEW IN BOX * (312574507260)
Acme Electric TI53013-4 3.0KVA Transformer 240/480VPRI.120/240Sec 60Hz 1PH (272036383381)
Acme Electric T2A533401S 480VAC Delta Input Voltage 9kVA Three Phase Transformer (392263679944)
New General Purpose Transformer, Acme T253013S 1ph 3kva 480/240-120/240v (254159777980)
Transformer,1kVA,120/240V,Wall ACME ELECTRIC T253010S (221565932152)
ACME .5 KVA Constant Voltage Power Conditioner 480 240 208/120 Volt 1 Phase (173828407682)
NEW ACME 2 KVA WALL MOUNT TRANSFORMER 240/480 HV 120/240 LV 1 PHASE T253012S (333139400511)
Acme Transformer T-2A-5332B-1B 3KVA Pri: 480V Sec: 24V 60Hz 3Ph Used (283143046549)
ACME T253008S GENERAL PURPOSE TRANSFORMER 1 PHASE .50 KVA 50/60 HZ 3R (263261750800)
Acme Transformer Single Phase 2KVA 240v/120v-24v/12v buck boost 3R Wall Mount (264267688335)
ACME Control Transformer TA-2-54525 1500VA Pri 208/240/480/600V Sec 85-130V Used (291314084816)
Acme TA-2-81329 Transformer Single Phase 1 Kva 208/480 #3179SR (183775313124)
Acme T-2-53515-3S Transformer 7.5Kva 1Ph T131836 (283422470981)
Transformer,1kVA,120/240V,Wall ACME ELECTRIC T279740S (381850004938)
Acme T-53110-A 1KVA 600-120/240V 1ph Power Transformer New Surplus (282815789635)
ACME TRANSFORMER T-2-53012-S (NEW IN BOX) (254187580517)
ACME T-1-37922 2kVA 1 Phase General Purpose Transformer 480V 240V to 48V 24V (183402146594)
Acme Electric Transformer T253014S, New in Box (222840466352)
ACME T-17579-8 Transformer 2KVA T12459 (283441011157)
Acme Transformer T-3-53043-S 3.0 KVA 60HZ (132778806744)
ACME T3533411S Transformer 480 input 240VAC output Delta 120VAC 15kVA (372163308841)
Acme T-2-53014-S Transformer 5 KVA 1 Phase T61143 (283440155685)
Transformer,2kVA,120/240V,Wall ACME ELECTRIC T253012S (222531435449)
ACME T-1-37923 3kVA 1 Phase General Purpose Transformer 480V 240V to 48V 24V (183294158697)
New Acme Transformer 4LEH6 T113073 Buck Boost 1 Phase (192016064597)
Acme T-2-53141-1 1.5KVA 208-120/240V 1ph General Purpose Transformer New Surplus (273032759833)
ACME TRANSFORMER T-3-53042-S, 120X240 PRIMARY, 120/240 SECONDARY VOLTS (252028357233)
Acme Transformer T-2-53014-S General Purpose Transformer T74894 (283440157079)
Acme T-2-53515-35 7.5 KVA General Purpose Transformer T117885 (283422431879)
Acme T-2A-53328-1S 3KVA General Purpose Transformer 3Ph 480V Pri 240/120V Sec (362533983243)
Acme TF-2-52794-S General Purpose Shielded Transformer 1 Ph 7.5 KVA (362608372491)
Acme T-3-53042-S General Purpose Transformer (192879521582)
Acme TF-2-52520 General Purpose Transformer 5KVA T57159 (352634211790)
Acme T-2-53173-1S 3KVA 277-120/240V 1ph Transformer New Surplus As Is Bent** (273032785428)
Acme Electric T2530144S General Purpose Transformer T72768 (283440156914)
ACME TP-53362-4S TRANSFORMER 30 KVA, NEW IN BOX (323327871418)
ACME T-2-53516-3S 10K General Purpose Transformer 240/480V Pri 120/240V Sec 1Ph (362178350006)
ACME ELECTRIC TA281220 Transformer Input 240/480VAC Output 120VAC 3000VA 1 Phase (181878391543)
Acme 37.5 KVA Transformer 240x480v/120x240 1 Phase (182661519790)
TESTED ACME TP 1-53343-3S 45 KVA STEP DOWN TRANSFORMER 480V to 240V 3-PHASE 60HZ (183766478151)
ACME TF-22015-5S 15KVA 440-220Y/127V 3PH Dry Type Transformer New Surplus in Box (282504243242)

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