Do you sell on eBay?

Follow thousands of other sellers and promote your own store listings on to earn cashback commission on every purchase generated by your referrals, for life!

Dedicated, Auto-Updating, Clean, High Converting Landing Page for Your eBay Store

With direct integration with eBay, we are able to provide you with a dedicated URL for your eBay store on You don't have to worry about managing the listings as we have live real-time synchronization with eBay to pull and display your store products.

eBay Seller Store on

How Does It Work?

eBay Seller Store Buying Process

When people create accounts on from your referring link, they will be associated with your account permanently. For every purchase they make on any product (Yes! Doesn't need to be your products), referral commission will be posted to your account.

Does This Affect My Earnings on eBay?

Absolutely not! You don't get paid less on eBay as a seller when people purchase your products through When you sell on eBay, once when a product is sold, eBay will take their cut (selling fee). Our partnership with eBay allows us to take a portion of their cut, and we simply share that with you!

It's EASY to Promote!

Anyone who uses to shop will earn up to 3% cashback on his/her purchases. So it makes sense for any eBay shopper to use and earn cashback commission.

Our users find it super easy to promote their store as a cashback program to reward their customers.

Promote Individual Products and Earn Even More!

You can also promote individual products in your store and earn direct commission.

eBay Seller Promote Individual Products

Our "Share & Earn" program allows you to generate unique promotional links for each of your products. When people go to these links, they will be taken directly to your product listings on eBay to complete their purchase. This method is especially lucrative as a promotional strategy to repeating customers.

Ready to get started?

You can start promoting your store and products in minutes. Simply:

2. Navigate to "My Whohou" and click on "Promote & Earn"

We Are Always Here to Help

If you wish to learn more about how Whohou works, you can find many support videos on our How Whohou Works page.

With your account you will also be able to access our member-only community forums where you can ask questions. And we are always here and quick to answer. You can also contact support using our online contact us form.