Refer whohou to your family and friends and earn cash back when they sign up and make purchases through

We are pleased to announce the launch of our referral program. When you sign up for a whohou account, you will be provided with a unique referral link for you to share with your family and friends. When the people who sign up for a account through your referral link, not only will they earn cash back for their own purchases, you will also earn cash back for their purchases.

How Does It Work?

1. Sign up for a account
2. Obtain your unique referral link
3. Tell your family and friends about whohou by providing them your referral link
4. Your family and friends sign up for free accounts
5. Your family and friends purchase items through and earn up to 3% cash back
6. You earn up to 0.5% for their purchases to your whohou account

So if your friend makes a purchase through for $1,000, they will get paid up to $30 cash back to their account. And you will get paid up to $6.5 in your account.

No Limitation to the Number of Referrals

You can recommend whohou to as many people as you wish, and all of the sales generated by your referrals will generate cash back to your account.

When Will You Get Paid?

At the beginning of every month, the system will automatically generate a payout record for all transactions (sales and refunds) by your referrals that occurred in the previous month. And the payout record will be processed, where you will be paid via your PayPal account, before the end of the current month.

For example, at the beginning of March, you will receive a payout record for all transactions by your referrals that occurred in February. And the payout record will be processed before the end of March.

Sales generated by your referrals are identified as referral earnings. And sales generated by you are identified as account earnings. Each month you will, if applicable, receive 2 payout records - one for account earnings and one for referral earnings.

How long will the Referral Accounts be tied to Your Account?

Forever. If your referral makes a purchase in January, you will get paid in February. If your referral makes another purchase a year later, you will still get paid the following month. The connection does not expire. As long as they use to earn cash back themselves, you will earn cash back on their purchases.

How Do I Obtain My Referral Link?

Once when you sign in to your account, your referral link is displayed on every page inside My whohou.