It Pays to Shop on eBay

Are you a purchasing manager? Do you purchase on eBay frequently? Did you know that you can always get a portion of the money you pay, back into your pocket, on every purchase you make on eBay?

Up to 3% whohou Cash Back

When you make a purchase on eBay through whohou, you can earn up to 3% cash back on the sale value of the product. We are partners with eBay and for every sale we refer to eBay, eBay will pay us commission. And instead of pocketing the commission ourselves, we share the majority of it with you, allowing you to earn up to 3% cash back.

There's absolutely no catch and no risk in using whohou. The sales are not completed on our website, but on the vendors' websites. So if you click on a product on whohou by eBay, you will be taken to eBay's website for the particular product and complete your purchase on eBay directly. We do not oversee the purchase and transaction process. The only thing we rely on is for the vendor to tell us which accounts on whohou generated how much sales, and use that information to track your sales and generate payout records to get you paid on a monthly basis.

Up to 2% "eBay Bucks" Cash Back

Now if you have a PayPal account, eBay allows you to earn an additional 2% cash back in the form of "eBay Bucks". For every calendar quarter (every 3 months), eBay will issue you an eBay Bucks Certificate so that you can use and redeem these certificates on future eBay purchases. Please note that product listings on eBay that qualify for eBay Bucks program will have the eBay Bucks logo on the product listing page.

Up to 4% Credit Card Cash Back Rewards

That's not all, if you have a credit card added to your PayPal account that pays you a percentage of cash back on credit card purchases (which varies per issuing bank), you can earn an additional 2-4% cash back on your credit card account if you pay for your purchase via PayPal using the credit card.

That's up to 9% cash back on any purchases you make on eBay!

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