Embed Your eBay Store on Your Website and Earn Cash Back on All Sales Through Your Website

We have partnered with StoreWebsitePro.com and so that when you embed your eBay store listings using the complete white label and self-hosted script by StoreWebsitePro.com on your company website, visitors who click on your eBay listings on your website and complete their purchases on eBay will generate whohou cash back on your whohou.com account.

Since StoreWebsitePro.com is a white-label solution, your visitors do not need a whohou.com account nor will they ever see or land on whohou.com at all. People who click on your eBay listings on your website will be taken to your product listings on eBay directly, except for the sales will be tracked and associated with your whohou.com account.

What is StoreWebsitePro.com?

StoreWebsitePro.com offers tools and scripts that will empower eBay sellers and increase their online sales. Some of the features of their "Self-Hosted Store Listings" include:

Complete "white label" solution
Responsive layout with pagination and search capabilities
Content being displayed as static content which is SEO friendly and not blocked by Adblocker
Ease of integration
Full control over the visuals as all the source files including CSS files are provided in the download package.

How do I Get Started?

To fully utilize this innovative solution, you need to create a whohou.com account, download and install the "1. Self Hosted Store Listings" package from StoreWebsitePro.com.

Step 1. Create a whohou.com account
Step 2. Obtain your username on whohou.com under My whohou -> Profile
Step 3. Download "1. Self Hosted Store Listings" installation package from StoreWebsitePro.com
Step 4. Configure the installation files and insert your whohou username
Step 5. Upload the script files to your website

That's it. When the integration has been done successfully you should be able to see your store listings on your website. There may be a slight delay for StoreWebsitePro.com's servers to synchronize with your eBay store listings before showing up on your website.

To learn more about this white label solution, visit http://www.storewebsitepro.com